Baihe Subsidiary UMT Was Listed In The 22nd China Patent Award

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Recently, the results of the 22nd China Patent Award were released. The “Wound dressing with antibacterial, hygroscopic and calcium contribution Properties” of Foshan United Medical Technologies (UMT), a subsidiary of Baihe Medical, won the honorary title of Chinese Patent Excellence Award!

China Patent Award

China Patent Award is jointly awarded by the China National Intellectual Property Administration and the World Intellectual Property Organization. It is the only national award in China that specifically awards invention and creation with patent rights, and it is also an intellectual property award with international influence.

According to the provisions of the Measures for Appraisal of China Patent Award, the National Intellectual Property Office has decided to award the ” Wound dressing with antibacterial, hygroscopic and calcium contribution Properties” of UMT after being recommended by the intellectual property work management agency of the relevant departments of the State Council, local intellectual property offices, relevant national industry associations, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering as well as the public.

China patent award
List of projects of the 22nd Chinese Patent Excellence Award

Wound dressings with antibacterial, hygroscopic and calcium contribution properties include chitosan fiber, calcium alginate fiber and chemically modified cellulose fiber. In addition, the invention also relates to the preparation of the wound dressing and the application of the wound dressing in chronic wound applications, such as venous congestion, ulcerative ulcer, diabetic foot ulcers and other chronic ulcers.

Wound dressing innovation

As a professional supplier of wound care consumables for difficult wound care, UMT will take the opportunity of being listed in the list of China Patent Excellence Award projects. The company will increase R & D investment, accelerate the automation, digitization and intelligent transformation of production, cooperate with colleges and universities, open and share innovative resources, and provide better wound care solutions and quality services to customers.