Blood Purification Products

New hemodialysis catheter

Blood purification product categories

Movable clamp allows anchorage at puncture site regardess of depth of catheter, which minimize trauma and irritation…

The tubing is made form polyurethane which mixed with silver-containing zirconium phosphate at nonameter level…

The tube is made from thermosensitive material, it will become soft after being inserted ino the trachea…

Special PUR material with great bicompatibility avoids catheter adhere and block…

Disposable pressure transducer and its accessories are consisted of medical grade high polymer material…

Arterial catheter allow to monitor invasive arterial blood pressure, collect blood sample, infusion drug…

The connector is round and smooth with PASV valve, valve remians cloed to prevent air embolism, blood reflux and clot under normal pressure…

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Hemodialysis catheter


Low flux hemodialyser


  • High capability of toxic clearance
  • Ecellent biocompatibility
  • Higher performance of small & medium size removal
  • Micro constant flow
  • Lower loss of Albumin

Hemoperfusion cartridge


  • Blood purification
  • Metabolic products removed
  • Toxins removed
  • High protein binding rate