Stainless Steel Guide Wire

Stainless steel guide wire
Smooth solder joint
Smooth solder joint
Calibration details
Calibration details
Complete specifications
Complete specifications

Stainless Steel Guide Wire information


1. Smooth hemisphere heads, reduce the vascular wall damage
2. Appropriate taper, perfect combination of tip
3. Excellent brace force supported by the SS304 core
4. Clear scale indication for better observation.

Characteristics / Sizes

Sizes: 0.018'' , 0.021'', 0. 025'', 0.028'', 0.032'', 0.035'', 0.038''
Length: 50cm - 150cm
"J" Tip end and straight Soft tip end for choice.

Stainless Steel Guide Wire by BAIHE MEDICAL


Frequently asked questions about Drainage Catheter

The product codes in this chart are for CVC kits with straight introducer needle configuration.

CVC kits with Y-shaped introducer needle configuration are also available in adult types. The product code of CVC kit with Y-shaped introducer needle configuration is to add letter “Y” after the product code of CVC kit with straight introducer needle configuration, for example, “FC-2726Y”.

Before you order, please clarify which configuration you request, either straight or Y-shape introducer needle.

Pediatric types of CVC include single lumen 22Ga, 20Ga, 18Ga; double lumen 4Fr, 5Fr;triple lumen 4.5Fr and triple lumen 5.5Fr.

Product customization on demand, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.