Hemodialysis Catheter

Hemodialysis catheter presentation
Hemodialysis catheter

Hemodialysis Catheter features

Soft tip - Hemodialysis catheter

Soft tip

- Tapered tip facilitates ease of insertion without use of peel-away sheath
- Reduces vessel trauma during insertion

Radiopaque Hemodialysis catheter


- Radiopaque, facilitates quick visualization under X-Ray.

Side holes - Hemodialysis catheter

Side holes

- 2.5cm far from end hole reduces recircling and wall-suction
- Minimizes risk of clot formation

Rotatable suture wing - Hemodialysis Catheter

Rotatable Suture Wing

- Facilitates skin inspection
- Avoid blood vessle wall-suction
- Minimizes risk of exit infections
- No tube-kinking occured

Silicone extension tube - Hemodialysis catheter

Silicone Extension Tube

- Increases patient comfort, will not crimp over time, able to visualize fluid

Compound packaging tray - Hemodialysis Catheter

Compound-packaging Tray

- Various Accessories for choice

Multi lumen - Hemodialysis catheter

Multi-lumen available

- Single, double, triple lumen

Inline Clamps - Hemodialysis Catheter

Inline Clamps

- good flexibility
- damage resistant
- printed priming volumes

Precurved hemodialysis catheter

Made from PU (medical grade)

  • Better flexibility and anti-kinking performance
  • Thermosensitive, softens as it warms to body temperature
  • Smooth inside an outside surface, avoid clot formation
  • Marking on catheter available

Pre-curved Type

  • More comfortable on patients

High flowType

  • High flow type catheter with 30% higher flowrate
High flow type catheter

Hemodialysis Catheter intended use

  • Acute kidney failure
  • ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease)
  • Over dose medicine or food poison


The first Chinese company obtained SFDA certificate

The first Chinese company approved by USA FDA [510(k) no. k102833]

The first Chinese company develops long term hemodialysis Catheter

The biggest production capacity in China


Hemodialysis Catheter - Standard Kits include

Kit composition

1. Hemodialysis Catheter
2. Vessel Dilator
3. Introducer Needle
4. Syringe
5. Guide-wire
6. Adhesive Wound Dressings
7. Heparin Caps
8. Scalpel
9. Needle with Suture

Hemodialysis catheter kit

Hemodialysis Catheter by BAIHE MEDICAL



1. The product codes in this chart are for HC kits with straight introducer needle configuration.
2. HC kits with Y-shaped introducer needle configuration are also available upon
discussion. The product code of HC kit with Y-shaped introducer needle configuration
is different from the product code of HC kit with straight introducer needle
configuration.Before you order, please clarify which configuration you request, either
straight or Y-shaped introducer needle.
3. Pediatric types of HC include double lumen 6.5Fr and 8.5Fr.
4. Adult types of HC include single lumen 7Fr, 8Fr; double lumen 10Fr, 11.5Fr, 12Fr, 14Fr
and triple lumen 12Fr.
5. “FR” in the product code means with soft tip.
6. “FH” in the product code means without soft tip (i. e. with relatively harder tip).
7. Pre-curved catheter is available for adult type in double lumen 11.5Fr, 12Fr, 14Fr.

The information presented in the table could be subject to modifications.

Frequently asked questions about Hemodialysis Catheter

The catheter used for hemodialysis is a tunneled catheter because it is placed under the skin.

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