Removal Of Medium Molecules Makes Dialysis Safer!

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The theme of the 16th World Kidney Disease day is “Living Well With Kidney Disease”. The purpose is to advocate that people should not only pay attention to the symptom reduction, but also actively participate in work and social activities, improve the quality of life and pursue wonderful life in the process of treatment and management of kidney diseases.

The latest epidemiological data show that the incidence rate of chronic kidney disease in China is 10.8%. Chronic kidney disease is a life-long chronic disease, which has a serious impact on the health and quality of life of patients. Once patients with kidney disease develop to uremia, they need blood purification treatment to extend their life
Dialysis extends life
Generally speaking, patients with severe kidney disease or those who have been treated with long-term dialysis need more effective treatment to reduce the concentration of medium and large molecules in the blood, among which ß 2-microglobulin is the representative of the medium molecular solute. Since the kidneys cannot effectively clear β2-microglobulin, the accumulation of β2-microglobulin in dialysis patients can cause dialysis-associated amyloidosis, which can lead to death in severe cases.
Blood purification equipments in action
Blood purification equipments in action

High-flux hemodialyzer has the characteristics of good biocompatibility, effective removal of medium and large molecules as well as excess water, and can provide ions needed by human body through dialysate to maintain the balance of electrolyte and acid-base in human body. It can clear β2-microglobulin more efficiently, significantly improve the quality of life of patients, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and reduce the occurrence of inflammation.

Precautions in the application of high-flux hemodialyzer: 

1.Reverse ultrafiltration and pyrogenic reaction; 

2. Effect on drug concentration.


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